Team of lawyers specialized in legal translation

What we do?

We provide sworn translation services for Croatian, English and German.

Our experience of working at international law companies enables us to thoroughly understand the background of international transactions and disputes.
Consequently, our translations accurately reflect the meaning and style of original documents.
People exchanging documents.


Our mission as the leading legal translation company is to provide our clients with impeccable legal translations, while observing the following priorities:
  • understanding the context of the legal transaction and original documents
  • using the correct legal terminology and
  • promptly delivering the work products
Man signing the document.


Our vision is to make recognizable the importance of our legal background as well as our working experience at international law companies, as the key factor for accurate legal translations and client satisfaction.

Our team

Nikola Mirković photo.

Nikola Mirković

Master of Laws
Permanent Court Interpreter for English and Croatian, Director
Nikola worked in the Zagreb Branch Office of the international law firm Wolf Theiss from 2007 to 2014. Under the direct mentorship of two native speakers from USA and Canada, Nikola learned to draft legal documents in accordance with the highest international standards, after which he decided to become a professional legal translator.
Martina Rajić Augustić photo.

Martina Rajić Augustić

Master of Laws
Permanent Court Interpreter for German and Croatian, Director
Martina is a German native speaker. After graduating from the Faculty of Law of Graz in 2009, she worked at the Court of Graz. From 2011 to 2014 she worked at the international law firm Wolf Theiss in Vienna. Knowing that her qualifications and experience guarantee an unsurpassed quality of her translations, after moving to Zagreb, she has become a professional legal translator. Martina also attended the MBA program in Business Management at the Zagreb School of Economics and Management (ZSEM).
Marta Lokner photo.

Marta Lokner

Master of Laws
Permanent Court Interpreter for English and Croatian
Marta started gaining work experience in 2014 at the Berlin law firm HMRP. In 2015, she chose the career of a professional legal translator and joined our team.

Areas of Specialization

We have broad experience in the following areas:
  • All types of contracts
  • Judgements and court decisions
  • Pleadings and evidence in court proceedings
  • Decisions of state authorities
  • Notices of appeal
  • Arbitral awards and decisions
  • Pleadings and evidence in arbitration proceedings
  • Decisions of the EU institutions
  • Tax documents
  • Financial and audit reports
  • Legal opinions
  • Laws and regulations
  • Legal literature
  • Expert opinions and analyses
  • Correspondence
  • All types of applications, statements, certificates, requests, notices, statements, minutes, reports, observations, offers, requests, orders, etc.
  • General terms and conditions
  • Securities prospectuses
  • Strategic plans
  • Corporate documents
  • Tender documentation


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